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Andrology is a branch of medicine that focuses on male reproductive and sexual health, particularly the medicinal and surgical treatment of male Infertility and erectile dysfunction. We are considered one of India's leading male reproductive centres because of our exceptional treatment, which is distinguished by our compassion and stringent adherence to international standards. Under one roof, Shanti Madan Hospital, Muzaffarnagar, is an exclusive centre that provides comprehensive treatments for male Infertility, sexual dysfunction, and men's health.

Once the problem is found, Dr. Sahaj Garg tells different patients how to treat it, depending on the person. When a patient has a varicocele or a blocked vas deferens, surgery is sometimes done to restore their fertility. Antibiotics treat infections, even though they don't always make people more fertile. Certain medications and counselling can help fix problems like not being able to get an erection or having an erection before it's time.

Andrology Services in Muzaffarnagar
Male Infertility Services

Male Infertility

Many couples who can't have kids have more than one reason why they can't, so it's likely that both of you will need to see a doctor. It might take more than one test to determine why someone can't have children. In some situations, the cause is never found.

Once the problem is found, there are different ways to treat it, depending on the person.

A varicocele or a clogged vas deferens may require surgery to be removed to restore fertility. Despite the fact that they don't always increase fertility, antibiotics heal infections. Problems like not being able to acquire an erection or getting one before the appropriate time can be resolved using specific drugs and counselling.

People with hormonal imbalances are treated with hormone replacement therapy, which increases their fertility. ART treatment in which sperm is obtained surgically or through regular ejaculation. The sperm is injected into the egg's cytoplasm or used for in vitro fertilization when placed directly into the female reproductive system.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also called impotence, is when a man can't get or keep an erection that is strong enough for sex. Having trouble getting an erection now and then isn't always a big deal. But if you have erectile dysfunction regularly, it can cause stress, hurt your self-confidence, and cause problems in your relationships. Getting or keeping an erection can also be a sign of a health problem that needs to be treated and a risk factor for heart disease.

Even if you're embarrassed, you should talk to Dr. Sahaj Garg at Shanti Madan Hospital, Muzaffarnagar, if you're worried about not being able to get an erection. Sometimes, treating the cause of erectile dysfunction is enough to fix the problem. In other cases, medicines or other direct treatments might be needed.

Erectile Dysfunction Services